Risk Assessment Report




Small Business Advice

Profitpoint Management (Profitpoint) is dedicated to providing high quality advice and service to small businesses.

We require our customers to complete a free on-line assessment which, when completed, provides the business owner with an outline of some of the risks their business face. After the assessment is completed, there are various documents that provide information about how to improve the business. There are also some "Excel Workbooks" that can be used for cash management or even estimates. Go to the above tab, Assessment and see what that assessment provides.  It is difficult to value, but businesses that have taken our assessment have benefited greatly.  

Typically we receive a referral or a small business owner contacts us directly to obtain access to the on-line assessment. If you are a qualified owner, the initial assessment is free. We also may offer you a 1 1/2 hour free consultation with one or more of our experts, depending on the outcome of the assessment and your needs. 

After completion of the assessment, Profitpoint can help the business put in processes and make the changes needed to make your business more profitable. Our experience is broad and we have developed outside resources and internal processes that we use to increase the operations and profitability of the business.  

To obtain services from Profitpoint send me an e-mail or call me at 612-791-8834 if you wish to have a risk assessment.