Profitpoint Management, Inc. is a transition management and financial risk assessment, management advisory and implementation service.  

Profitpoint will not only provide advice as how to improve your business, but can take an active role in accomplishing those goals.  

Profitpoint looks forward; looking for risks to the financial health of the business and owners that may not be obvious from merely having yearly financial statements.  We also can take an active role is lowering or eliminating those risks and increase protits.

Some of the areas we get involved with are as follows; 

  • Do you have a good business model
  • How should a president work with external accounting and internal accounting?  
  • How do you work with lending institutions?  What do they need and how do you get the best value from the relationship.
  • Do you have the right management team?  The best companies have the best people at the top.  Are you making sure you are doing this?
  • Is the governance structure risky?  
  • How do you use lawyers and other external consultants? 

Looking forward and evaluating the risks and opportunities a business faces is critical to making good business decisions.  Profitpoint installs those processes needed to keep to help a company anticipate the needs of the business.

Jim Klenk is the President of Profitpoint.  He has over 25 years of providing assistance to small businesses.  He has been president of a number of companies assisting the companies through transitions.  He worked as a chief financial officer of a large company and worked for a large, international public acounting firm for 10 years.  

All of the advisors associated with Profitpoint are individuals who have owned, advised and have been presidents of small businesses.